In addition of his own productions, Hiili is mixing a lot of albums produced by other producers. Since 2010 Hiili has had his personal studio. Working in dozens of studios, Hiili knew exactly what kind of set up he wanted.

The studio is Pro Tools HD- based with all necessary plug-ins, Neve summing console and analog master path. Monitors are Yamaha NS-10 and Genelec 8250 DSP. Good re- amping facilities and analog synth arsenal are also included, so there is an option to crystallize the result if needed. Also there is a 24- track analog tape recorder, which is very useful to warm the sound, specially if the recordings have been made "in-the-box".

The system has a “Total recall” system, so it's easy to return to the mixes afterwards. For example, if there will be a need for background tapes for live concerts. So the studio is a mix of analog and digital. The best of both worlds.