Hiili Hiilesmaa

Hiili Hiilesmaa has been producing music professionally since the mid 90’s. He has worked with many styles of music, but recently most focus has been on Rock and Metal.

Hiili has worked with many of the top bands like HIM, Apocalyptica, The 69 Eyes, Sentenced, KYPCK to name a few. Albums produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa have sold over three million copies worldwide. Flapping and nasty guitar sounds has become his trademarks as well as experimental and wild synth programming.

Hiili is a musician too and he has released 15 albums with different line-ups. In early 90’s he was a drummer in Road Crew, the band made four albums. Later that decade he founded the avant-garde / industrial coalition called Itä-Saksa where he is a keyboardist. He is also the vocalist in a psykogaragepunk-band The Skreppers. One of the latest band of his was KYPCK, which he had to quit however because of his busy scedules as a producer. Nowdays he plays drums is Estado Novo that has released one album in 2014.

Hiili is also a Bachelor of Culture and Arts and 2016 - in addition to producers work - he gives a series of lectures in music production in Tampere University of Applied Sciences.